Upvc door locks(multi-point-locks)

UPVC,composite and wooden door locks commonly referred to as MPL (Multi Point Locks) are rapidly becoming commonplace in most properties.
Multi Point locking is a very secure method of securing your door.  Reliability of this lock type is very good
but when they fail they generally cost more to repair.
NJM locksmith specialise in repair / replacement of this type of locking mechanism
Due to the number of different components involved it may be door alignment, cylinder lock, gearbox, hook or bolt failure.
In many instances these items can be replaced individually reducing your costs accordingly.
NJM locksmith will assess the problem, identify the most economical repair available,  and provide a fixed quote for the repair
Points to Note :-
If your door handle is becoming stiff to lift up or push down
The key is becoming difficult to turn
The door catches when opening / closing
Call us NOW as it may be easily repaired before further damage is caused